torstai 17. huhtikuuta 2014

Chapter 11 city structure ready!

Title pretty much tells everything. I've been working on the chapter's city structure for quite a while and the reason it's taken so long is definitely not designing or size issues, it's simply the busy life and not being able to do this all the time. However now the structure is ready.

Next I'll have to design the city's dialogs, which is now easy because the city won't contain any people, so basically I have to just do plans for items and even most of these are basically recycled from before (because why should I do a toilet in million ways instead of one?) and quite little of the city is actually accessible.

So when that's done, it's time for me to continue with the story and next time I'm going to report anything, it should be saying that the chapter's complete!

torstai 27. maaliskuuta 2014

Room editor 2.0

So from this...

To this...


The biggest improvement here is that I don't have to visit the notepad file (where all the objects are saved) to make more detailed modifications to positions, id's, types etc. I also added grid option, which size can be controlled from the keyboard, so aligning the objects is very easy. Then there's detailed editing, which means I can modify the details of specific object from here. Also when moving objects it shows the coordinates at the same time, along with the depth of that object is at. This depth can also be changed from keyboard.

Then another nice thing is that I can hide all items of specific type if I want to and then later bring them back. So if I have a ceiling done, it will obviously come in my way when adding walls. Those ceilings are first in the stack of objects, so when I click it will grab them first. The depth feature does give me a way around this but hiding the objects is handy too.

One thing I could've done but I felt like it wasn't that necessary, was some sort of history or favorites menu where my favorite objects or recently used objects are listed. The thing is though, I already have a copy option and that's basically the same thing.

I also couldn't do any easy way to insert new objects as well. SDL doesn't support any graphical file open functions so to have the usual way of "opening a file" (for example... in any software there is), I'd have to do something like that myself or I'd have to switch to some other environment.

I'm happy with this editor though. The actual speed advantage is fairly small but I'm liking how everything's more clear and easier to use. Especially the detailed modifying is nice.

I think anyone could now potentially create rooms for this game, provided I give some guidance and obviously the graphics. That wouldn't save me any time though (unless the person was working during night when I sleep) and I'm not interested in hiring anyone (seeing as I'm poor) so maybe not.

tiistai 25. maaliskuuta 2014

New room editor

There was a time when I created rooms in this project completely by hand and guessing which are the best coordinates for each object. Then a fellow student told me I should create an editor, seeing as my way was more difficult than necessary.

So I created a very simple editor, which made creating the rooms a lot faster. I could add items by inputting the filepath for the image and then drag, copy and delete the items in that room. However, it was very simple and I've always though how it could be better. Even so, I never thought about making it better, since I managed with the current version.

Umm... yeah...
Now, years after the first version, I was told how poor it is by a fellow student that watched me working, which again, gave me the idea to ease my work.
So now I'm working on new roomeditor for this game, and hopefully this will make creating the rooms even faster.

Previous interface had no buttons, all commands are done from the keyboard and each object is added to the room by giving a filepath to the image or by copying the object. More detailed editting of the objects has to be done from the notepad file it aaves the objects in.

My goal is to easen all of these things, not needing to open notepad file for modifications, adding graphical options for commands and making it overall just comfortable to use.

maanantai 17. maaliskuuta 2014

It worked!

The solution to my problem, which I mentioned here, actually worked! The game compiles fine on Windows.

Now I can do the game at school as well, which means I'm able to do much more!

So it was just me

Talking about this and this.

The solution I tried was actually just bad code. I switched into a different environment and it gave me a nice error, which basically occurred because the code was bad. I tried also the older version and it gave me another error, which was basically the complete opposite of the error I got with new version. Old version gives an error complaining how there are too many "exception handlers" and that it should be turned into smaller parts. New version gives an error how the blocks nest too deeply and the solution is to reduce the amount of these.

Considering this is a dialog system, which can't be optimized any better at this point (without redoing everything in the game), the only solution is to go with the same kind of system I use in item and enemy creation. Basically I split all the "add to collection" methods into functions containing a few thousand of them. The new version actually has pretty good basis for doing this and still having it create only the necessary dialogs.

I think I did try that before but maybe this time I'll do better.

torstai 13. maaliskuuta 2014

It didn't work

So... this didn't work. All the effort for nothing, basically.

Well, I'll try to find some other ways. It could be a bug in the compiler so I may give a try to some different environment, if I can find the time. Most likely it's just my code but even with these fixes I'm not sure...

This means I'm not able to develop the game in school which means my pace will continue to be like this, until I find a way. I'll try to avoid multipart release as much as possible.

But now, instead of just wondering what to do about this, I'll proceed with the story. Although before that I could check the game completely (once again) because of the new dialog system. I think it's much better technically than the old one and it shows in performance.