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Little history
Cold Wave is a C++ game-project I've been working on ever since April 5th 2009. During that first year the game was pretty much searching itself, and first it was supposed to be a "half open-world" top-down shooter with the main focus on story-telling.

About year later, I felt like the story was taking over too much: there wasn't anything to "play", you just walked around, collected items and the dialog was rolling. I didn't want to make the game just another top-down shooter, so shooting anything was pointless and extremely limited. And as much as I had writen the story, I thought that I could do better, and I started rewriting it all. And I'm glad I did.

In April 2010 I started working on a separate battlesystem, which now makes the game more like a japanese RPG. The length and epicness of the story makes it look even more like one. However, I would call it an action/adventure game, since there's only a little RPG-features.

In January 2011, I've made the battlesystem so that I can now only add stuff in there and everything works, and I've rewriten the story a lot. Now I've started implementing the story (even though the script is still unfinished), and making maps, and pretty much cleaned all traces of old "Cold Wave". You could say that the first year was complete waste of time, but I have to say I wouldn't be here without it.

July 2013, the project is going slow but steady towards the end. About 50% of the ingame story is complete.

May 2014, 11 out of 17 chapters have been made. Lots of technical difficulties due to the size of the project but they are mostly solved. Project is proceeding even slower than before but somewhat steadily.

Project's length and format
As for how long this project will take... 2017 is probably pretty realistic estimate. That's a long time yes, but I have a lot of work to do and I tend to redo some things quite often. I'm working on this alone too.

The game will be for PC, and will work under Linux and Windows XP to 7 systems. The game MAY be released on Steam, but most likely it'll be distributed for free in downloadable ZIP-file.

Inspired by
One Piece (manga/anime), Infinite Space (video game) and Inazuma Eleven (video game), those are the three things that first come into my mind. Naruto (manga/anime) has had quite an impact in me personally too. And you could say that Ace Attorney series (video game) was one thing I got somewhat inspired too.

Oh the list would be probably endless, pretty much everything has inspired this project. But just to name the most important ones, the things above have made the project what it is and what it will be.

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