sunnuntai 20. marraskuuta 2011


Here I'll list some of the characters that'll appear during the game. I'm sorry for the art, I'm not a good drawer but I do try my best.

Name: Mark Dwayne
Protagonist of the game
Age: 27
Sex: male
Personality: loner, silent, may start talking gibberish when talking
Goal: Get his memories back and prove himself innocent for Matthew Purdie's murder.

Name: Erik Ruffing
Childhood friend of Mark
Age: 28
Sex: male
Personality: likes to stand out of the masses, rebel, optimist, smart
Goal: Help Mark achieve his goals

Name: Cara Purdie
Childhood friend of Mark
Age: 27
Sex: female
Personality: gets angry easily, likes eating and drinking, hates sweets
Goal: Hear Mark admitting it was he who killed his husband, Matthew Purdie.

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