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The game tells the story of Mark Dwayne, a man that finds himshelf in middle of some little city - with no recollection of his past. He starts his journey to find his home-town, and 5 years later he arrives into the city of Coveridge. Here he meets Erik Ruffing, a mysterious hacker and a truckdriver, and Cara Purdie, aggressive and unemployed woman.

They both seem to be Mark's childhood friends, but he still can't remember anything. Not to mention, Cara is bearing a grudge against Mark... for murdering her husband, who was a good friend of Mark as well! Even more headache causes the fact that Mark was supposed to be dead, after being thrown in middle of wilderness all naked (as a punishment for murder)!

Stunned by these facts, Mark starts investigating this murder, aiming to prove himself innocent. But it appears to be far more difficult task than he ever imagined...

As for the world, the events will happen in a fictional planet called "Alpisha", a planet very similar to Earth, but where it's always winter, and most of the people live in buildings built underground. Instead of nations/countries with their own cultures, Alpisha is divided in 100 Sectors.

Not all Sectors are covered with snow though: some Sectors have highly volcanic ground, thus melting the snow and making the Sector fairly warm place to be. But then again, these "Volcano Sectors" are surrounded by Storm Rings, which make it difficult to enter and exit these Sectors. Then there is also Sectors - exactly 21 - that are completely overwhelmed by water.

Only way to travel between cities is by subway, plane or a ship. Mostly by subway, because there are different types of cities, and only a few of them focus on sea- and air-transportations. Also the environment makes it hard to use these two, but subway works without a problem everywhere.

The weather has made it so that individual transportation is almost obscure. Not only that, but outside of cities there is the danger of encountering hungry beasts: who would want to travel alone there? Not even the police of Alpisha, Global Guarding and Protection Unit (GGPU) can do much about these bloodthirsty beasts.

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