sunnuntai 1. tammikuuta 2012

2011 summary

So what happened to Project Cold Wave during 2011?

- completion of chapters 1 - 4
- lots of bugs in the battlesystem were fixed
- demo was released
- lots of improvements in the code
- lots of improvements in some of the gameplay elements
- the script reached chapter 9
- some of the characters got "a look"
- a teaser was released
- minigames like seven of clubs, egyptian ratscrew and bowling were made

That's a loooot of stuff. Well, one year is a long time so even alone I should be able to do as much. If it wasn't for my military service (which is going to end VERY soon!), I probably would be about to finish chapter 5.

In any case, by the end of this year I aim to complete at least chapter 6. You could say making chapters 5 and 6 are just about the same as making chapter 1 - 4.

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