sunnuntai 29. tammikuuta 2012

Well daymn!

For a while I've been able to farm some items in The World Ends With You on my DS while waiting for the code to compile. Yeah, it takes so much time I can start up a game or start reading a book. Or watch a movie, cook a dinner, take a stroll, take a shower, everything together! And if there is just a little mistake (not an error in the code), I may have to compile the code again just for changing one single number. You can guess making this lately has been pretty slow...

Good for me, I FINALLY realized the obvious solution. If there's unnecessary code (like rooms and events), just take them away temporarily! Why the heck I never thought of that before!

So, I took exactly 36233 lines of code containing rooms and events I won't need right now. From 15-20 minutes of compiling it's now 30 seconds.

This makes things faster, but there is still one little problem, though that's just me and my... surprisingly lazy personality! Gotta blame the army for that... well now that I completed my millitary service, I'm currently unemployed and you could say Internet and games have distracted me. A lot. Most of the time I just find myself pressing F5 on sites I tend to visit everyday. And no, I'm not playing any lame western RPGs (especially not the new one made by Bethesda) or some generic FPS shooter or that insanly popular block-game. If you need to know, The World Ends With You (I've beaten it a long time ago though), Rayman Origins (as of now I've completed it though) and Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (just got my brotherhood started = THE AMOUNT OF THINGS TO DO BLOWS MY MIND).

I'm pretty frustrated about it myself, and I had to even move away from my home for the weekend (if even longer?), though this place still has Internet (gladly it's not as easily accessed), and 4 seasons of Prison Break, 3 seasons of The Big Bang Theory and 4 seasons of Futurama, hell here's even seasons of House, Lost, Knight Rider, Desperate Housewives, Gilmore Girls (seriously speaking that's pretty good show), and at least hundred movies on DVD. But despite this I clearly manage to do more than in my home.

Oh well, a little over month and I'll have a temporary job, and hopefully I'll get to a school as well. That'll speed things up. Some may think that "doesn't that actually slow you down", but the job I'll have is pretty... "quiet", so when I just don't have anything to do I'll work on my laptop. And during my time in college I had a very high motivation for working on this project, I wouldn't be surprised if university were the same.

In the mean time... can you see it?

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