maanantai 9. huhtikuuta 2012

Chapter 5 ready

That took 3 months. Next up is (obviously) chapter 6, which is story wise the most important so far. I have to read the script a couple of times just to make sure of the quality, then I'll make a little story event, and after that I can start building the first city of the chapter.

There will be about 5 "cities" I have to make for chapter 6, but they're nowhere near as big as the ones I had to do for chapter 5. In fact one of them isn't even a city. Even so, they will still require a lot of work. I probably won't go wrong with saying that chapter 6 will take the rest of this year.

But before I jump onto chapter 6, I have a couple of bugs I have to fix (or more like "make them appear so you can understand what caused it"), plus there may still be some feedback and bugs found from the demo.

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