torstai 26. heinäkuuta 2012

Bolt of lightning

For a long time I've been thinking how most of my games should be played from the browser. I just have no interest in learning how to make Java or Flash-games, and I'm also scared that learning about it would kill this project.

But now I found a website.

Which through Java, can make Windows executables played straight from the browser.

This awesome site is called Game Jolt. A simple site for indie game developers, who want to show off their products. Through Quick Play feature, the visitor can open a Java applet, which digs the executable from the zip file, and then executes it straight from the browser.

That's exactly what I needed. Well, Cold Wave will be published as download only anyway, as saving the game (or saving settings etc) won't work with the Quick Play feature, but you can play the demo! Saving was nothing but a little extra feature I made for the demo, in no way it's actually necessary.

I updated the Download page for the link containing Project Cold Wave's Game Jolt profile. While you're at it, check out my other games in Game Jolt.

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