perjantai 21. joulukuuta 2012

It's pretty damn cold in Finland

And so it is in Alpisha. Just kidding, it isn't even cold here in Finland. But in Alpisha it is.

Everyone who has played the demo knows the game has a system that limits your movement on outside areas. If you're not inside a building, you will get cold, and if you get too cold, you will die (although the dying part doesn't happen in the demo since I haven't done it in the main game either). The higher the Tolerance level the better the player endures the cold.

Well, I had a little brainstorm related to this. Player has a Tolerance level, which in the main game becomes pretty useless when you reach level 5 or something. Well, you run inside of buildings a lot anyway, but there really isn't any reason to stock yourself with logs and a lighter.

I thought that if I made a specific temperature for each level, there would be more meaning to Tolerance level. It would work like this: you enter an area that has -30 degree temperature (celcius). You have Tolerance level of 10 so you get cold pretty fast. You manage to get out of this area, to enter an area with -10 degrees. You are still cold, but you get cold slower. Then you enter a building, with temperature of +20, and you're getting warm.

I could also make it interract with your stamina, for example if you get to an area with high temperature, you consume stamina much faster. In other words you'd have to always stock yourself with items that reduce cold and recover stamina.

Once I have planned this completely I will start doing it in the main game, and it will later appear in the demo.

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