perjantai 11. tammikuuta 2013

Four years full!

Four years. Four damn years. Sure the first year was just messing around with no clear goal but geez... that's a long time. And there's so much work to do! This will be the new Duke Nukem Forever except there is no hype/popularity and no problems with the development. And this probably will be a better game too.

It's amazing I've made it this far but on the other hand it's very depressing too since I'm taking so long time with it. I'm not lying if I say it would take another 4 years or even more to finish this.

So what did I accomplish:
- Finished Chapter 5 in the game
- Chapter 6 got 66% ready
- Five cities completed
- Interface changes
- Shop changes
- Clothing feature added
- New versions of the demo released
- Demo added to GameJolt for easier access
- Lots of little stuff (and maybe even big) I've already forgotten

2012 was a good year for the project, after all Chapter 6 is quite an amount of work. There is actually one facility I have to make for it and it's absolutely HUGE.

What are my plans for this year? Well the priority is in finishing Chapter 6, and that most likely happens in a few months. Then I have to do the temperature system, and of course move on with the story. The script also needs a lot of work and I'd like to reach Chapter 10. If I can actually finish Chapter 8 this year I'll be happy as hell, that's like half of the chapters complete.

So, do I have anything new to show? Not really, the temperature system I mentioned hasn't progressed at all since I'm working on story events that make it hard to develop the system properly. But! I have a little picture to show, though it may not be that exciting.

Silhouttes of some very spoilerific characters. Actually showing the pictures of these characters wouldn't really spoil anything but I'm not taking any risks.

In any case, if someone actually reads this: THANK YOU. I would appreciate any comments and thoughts about this project, but I'll be glad as hell if anyone actually reads these texts, and is interested in this project I've been working so hard on. Thank you, play the demo, comment and read these posts and I'll be much more motivated on finishing this project someday.

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  1. I have been randomly taking a look at the blog every now and then, and the game's looking good! It's great that you have kept going for this long and hopefully you'll keep going until it's ready! :)