perjantai 8. helmikuuta 2013

New temperature system ready!

The one I was talking about last December. I thought it would take me more time to start doing it, since the story has reached a position it would be difficult to test. Then there is the checkup if I have to do for the game from the beginning, and making the system would be out of the question since compiling the project takes too long.

There was one thing I had forgotten though: one of my christmas presents. An additional 2 GB DD3 memory for my laptop, which reduced the compile time to no more than 5 minutes. Yes, a jump from 4 GB to 6 GB memory made a difference of 20 minutes. So glad I got that.

With the complete checkup of the game, this was the perfect opportunity to make the system, and it was fairly easy.

The changes in the interface are small, in inventory menu on the bottom right panel the coldness gauge is made of two parts and renamed "temperature gauge". On top of stamina level indication there is marked the temperature of the area and wind direction. The wind indicator is pretty useless though, so far I haven't thought of anything a wind would affect.

So how it works now? Well, depending on your tolerance level the faster the area temperature affects player's temperature. If it's cold, the lower temperature gauge will increase, and as it fills, your vision gets limited. When the gauge is full, you have a little bit of time to save yourself until you die. And obviously if it's warm, the top temperature gauge will increase, and as it fills, the more your stamina reduces when running. If this gauge gets full, you will enter a status similar to getting drunk from beer (in game of course and yes that's possible) and if you don't do anything, you will die.

Coldness is reduced as usual, make a campfire, find a campfire or go inside a building where it's usually warm. Tolerance level experience will increase like usual when you feel cold and hot. Some items also reduce coldness and heat.

That's basically how it works, I will make these changes available to the demo but I can't make any promises on how soon that will be. Most likely the demo will also have new areas making use of this system.

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