lauantai 27. huhtikuuta 2013

Game Jolt rules

Game Jolt was a huge help to me with the demo of this game. I've thought people don't really want to download an old fashioned zip-file to play a game these days yet they gave me a way to distribute the demo without compromising the whole game. Sure saves won't work but still...

The site also enables you to add proper trophies and highscores to your game. When you have a Game Jolt account and play games with GJ support, the highscores and trophies you'd achieve will show on the site.

Now this was a problem to me before as there was no C++ API for Linux, though there was one for Windows. Today AT LAST I gave a look at the Windows API, only to notice it was heavily dependant on some Windows libraries and Visual Studio. I compile my games for Windows using Wine but since it's not an exact copy of Windows I couldn't use this API unless I downloaded VirtualBox, installed Windows, then installed Visual Studio, learned to use that and finally got SDL libraries working.

So I decided to modify the API a little, instead of Windows libraries I made it use libCURL libraries (which btw works on both Windows and Linux environment!) and now I have a working Game Jolt C++ API for Linux. With libCURL libraries on my Code::Blocks it should run with Wine as well.

This means that every game I'm working on and I will be working on can have proper trophies and highscores, including Project Cold Wave. I'm just trembling from excitement to have achieved something like this!

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