torstai 18. huhtikuuta 2013

Work work work work...

20% of the preparation work I mentioned in the last post is now ready. I quit my "break" pretty quickly though, and that was a good decicion considering how long it took me to design that 20%. I have no idea how I'll manage the rest, although I may get lucky and there may not be that much work after all... it's really hard to explain what exactly I'm doing here because that would be spoiling the story.

I can say that at this point of the story you're finally able to travel between cities. There's a reason you can't do that at the start, but at this point it's finally made possible. On the other hand this option is exactly what gives me so much work to do right now. As awesome as this option sounds it delays the project with a few months, or that's at least my rough estimate for when I can continue the story.

Of course this option isn't the only reason there's so much work right now, but if it wasn't there it would cut off a huge amount of work I'd have to do now. Still I think it's best I did this the way I'm doing it now, so I'll just have to work hard. After that it's going to be pretty easy for a while.

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