keskiviikko 22. toukokuuta 2013

And the story continues!

Unfortunately this isn't a post about spoilers in the story, although I would like to spill all the beans so people can tell me what they think of this epic. Sorry, I have to restrain myself. Anyway, to the matter in hand...

In previous posts I've been talking about "updating cities" etc and how much work it is. Well, today I finished that process and I can move on with the story! Chapter 8 is now officially started.

I did fail to write any more of the script beyond chapter 9 (which is also unfinished), though the story structure did get much further (up to chapter 13 though I'm once again stuck). It's kinda hard to get into writing the script when you've writen the plan for it, but I'm sure it's for the best so I can avoid mistakes. Or at least the big ones.

I will start working on chapter 8, but I guess I have to finish a couple of chapters in the script before finishing it. Actually it would be best if I just worked on the script for a while, but it's tough, not only because I've writen a plan for it (takes the excitement from writing the official story), but writing the script requires a lot of attention and I'm not really in a situation where I can focus my mind on just one thing.

Hopefully I can get into writing the script, it could be a huge problem if I face a problem when I've caught up with the script. Not to mention of course, I can't move on with implementing the script to a game when there's no script.

I also may have to do a checkup playthrough for the game, but I think I'll do it once the story has progressed a little further. When I finish chapter 9 that's probably a good spot, but I may do it already when I've finished chapter 8.

Just wish me luck, there's so much work to do, but the stakes are higher than ever. After all, once I've finished this game I can propose my girlfriend.

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