keskiviikko 26. kesäkuuta 2013

Chapter 8 complete!

The chapter is very short so it was pretty quick to put together. The biggest thing I had to do was the preparation work in the environment, the rest required almost no effort. But wait, last post is from May so how it still took me so long? Let's just say I have a life. This week I've woke up really early just so I'll have more time to work on this project and yeah, that could be a reason I completed this chapter so fast.

It was pretty annoying to test though, there's a story sequence that lasts quite long and it even continues to the next chapter. Yesterday it was especially annoying when I couldn't figure out what was wrong in one event.

Anyway, next is obviously chapter 9 and I'm pretty bumped for it. I first wrote the script for it about two years ago and even though it has gone through some changes I think it's quite amazing. I can't really explain why but I'm really looking forward to making this part of the script into a game.

Once that's done, I can officially say the story of the game is half completed. It's pretty awesome to think about it, two years working on the story and I'm halfway done. Of course there's still lots of things I have to do, the sound system probably takes a lot of time as well. Actually other than that it's just shining out the edges.

If I can keep this pace though, I think I'll be able to complete this game in 3 more years. It really depends on the pace, some of the later chapters have about the same amount of areas chapter 6 had, and if you've read my older posts you know it was a lot of work for several months.

Anyway, as a reward for completing this chapter I'm taking a little break for a few hours, then I'll start working on the areas for chapter 9. This time it's very easy...

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