tiistai 9. heinäkuuta 2013

Halfway there!

Chapter 9 is now ready! Yeah, it took almost two weeks to complete. This means the game is storywise halfway complete!

I can't really say anything, it's just incredible to think how after 4 years I've finally reached this point of the story.

Next is obviously chapter 10, but I may do a checkup playthrough from the start up to this point (playthrough from chapter 1 to 9 takes apparently about 8 hours!). I really need some screenshots to update the picture page here. Then I should focus on creating special moves since lot of them are stacking up. Then there's the script which I definitely should write a lot before moving on to chapter 10.

Seeing as I've gotten this far I should also start having a look at the sound system and music. Well the sound system is there actually, I just don't have any sounds and music. In any case, it's best I already started making some noise to the game.

Can't really tell anything else, except I may take a little break from working on this. My eyes are so tired...

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