torstai 18. heinäkuuta 2013

I can't hold all these lines

Just counted the total amount of lines in my code for the project, ending up with 162760.

Well, it couldn't be any less with four years of work... of course that's not completely accurate count since there are obviously lots of comments and line breaks. Most of the lines come from story and side events, areas and people.

But as someone may be impressed, it's actually pretty bad thing. I started preparing for checking the game from the start and after a while the compiler gives me an error it ran out of memory.


Yeah. And I'm only halfway complete. I think it's pretty serious error and I won't be able to find a way around it, and if that's really the case... I may have to consider something I've been thinking about.

Releasing the game in parts.

I don't like it, but I believe I've simply done a pretty awful job with the code if something this "technical" can't be complied on a computer with 6gb DDR3 memory. I'll try to see if I can cut the amount of memory used (during compiling) but if there's really no other choise I'll just have to cut all this onto three parts.

Of course there's a chance this happened because I'm not running on 64bit OS (even though the computer itself is 64bit), it's not able to use all the memory properly. So how I'm having 6gb memory even though I can't use it all? Ubuntu is just so awesome it can use that memory even on 32bit gear, although it's just emulated or something, I don't know the details.

But Ubuntu also sucks because the LiveCDs hate my computers and don't let me install an OS unless an alternate cd is available. They stopped creating those with the recent release and I was forced to go with 32bit OS since that was the only thing that wanted to even start the install. God, that was one horrible day, you have no idea what I had to go through.

Still, even if it was a reason like that, it still pretty bad sign. I mean double the work, could even a 64bit system with 8gb memory compile the code? It's ridiculous, considering how the game looks but I guess it's just to show I'm not really a good programmer.

Oh well, glad I'm entering a school in a month to learn more!

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