torstai 13. helmikuuta 2014

Something to make it work

Thanks to my classmate today, I realized one optimization method that could help with my problem on not being able to compile the game on Windows. According to callgrind the heaviest thing is my huge dialog collection, which has over 10000 items in it.

This is proved by erasing the collection temporarily but I am able to make it work by taking away some of the rooms temporarily, yet callgrind doesn't make too many notes about these. I was able to optimize the dialoghandler a little bit to make it work on Linux (along with area creation) but seems like the school computers lack the memory to handle it anyway.

This method would improve the performance of the game big time and I'm sure it would ease the compiling process, making me able to compile the game on Windows. Seeing as Windows is the target platform for release, this is obviously important.

Now, this method requires a lot of work. I need to reorganize the whole dialoglist into a new format and also go through lots of events to make sure they get the right dialogs and even then I can't be completely sure. Then I have to make the same happen with area objects and people as well. After this, I obviously have to check that absolutely everything works, from the very start.

Seeing as my time is pretty limited, I'm afraid this process could take a very long time. However, once I'm done and if I reach my objective, I'm able to do this at school if there's ever a boring spot. I can't say how long this'll take, but it could be more than a month, I'm afraid maybe even more.

At the moment I've reached the beginning of chapter 3 (this includes story events, side events, people and area objects up to this point) and for today I'm running out of steam. Seeing as there are 10 complete chapters, I'm about 30% done with this. That's actually pretty nice for one day, but I'm afraid it came with a cost that I'm actually regretting right now.

So yeah, long story short: I'm bad programmer and now I'm fixing my mess. This is what I'll get for starting a project like this with no skills at all, now I'm going to pay for it...

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