maanantai 3. helmikuuta 2014

Unclear future

January is already over. What did I achieve for the project? Well, I did a little bit of the script, managed to test the game a little further... rest of the time I've tried to optimize the code so I could even compile it all on Windows.

Not bad just yet, this much effort on 1/12 of the year... well okay, it's pretty bad. But the situation is what it is, I have other priorities. I'm just starting to feel like it's about to get pretty cold... it's not about not wanting to do it, it's just not possible so much anymore. Barely any at all. I may be able to do something if I had the whole script writen and checked and only thing I'd have to do is just make maps, people and events... but I've had to write the script and test the game.

Writing the script requires a lot of attention and testing the same parts of the game gets really boring after a while. And while testing the game it gets pretty depressing when you think about how low-tech the game is. It uses SDL for everything, even the graphics, and anyone who knows what it is knows that it's outdated as hell. Even worse that I use it to draw graphics. This wouldn't be a problem if it was easy to change from one method to another.

Biggest thing that I regret is that I started doing the game in 640x480 resolution. This would be fine if 4 years ago I had skills to make a system that makes multiple resolutions available. Or HD graphics from the very start, though with SDL alone that's a doomed project.

Another thing is how the game is going to be released: a zip-file. Remember those days? Yeah, it's unlikely anyone wants to do it these days. It would have to be a Steam-game or a browser game if it's released on PC. I'm 100% positive the game wouldn't be even accepted to Steam, for one that it's so low-tech. GameJolt gives a way to run a C++ game from the browser but then you couldn't save the game.

Add to the soup the fact that the game looks hideous. Absolutely ugly. So how popular the game would be when finally ready and released? Not at all. No one even cares about this project right now. And I don't blame them, it sounds pretty boring and unappealing with all the information on this blog and the full game probably changes nothing.

Well, I've never actually cared about how popular the end result would be, as long as the result is playable. I've done this project for myself, because I've always wanted to do something big and everytime I try I always fail. I thought that this is it, I've done it for years and there's already 9 hours of material to play. Big fat achievement already, but it's not enough until it's finished.

Lately I've started to realize this is something I'm going to do for my living someday. It's then when I'm absolutely forced to appeal to the masses, so I can make money. I already know from my current life situation that money equals happiness. If I'm drowning in debts, I can't do anything, and that's the biggest fear I have in creating my own game company. It's also one of the reasons why I'm not so sure about my career choise, although I know this is something you have to do from love, not money. I dare to anyone say I don't love doing this, I've put my soul and heart for this project, but I'm also a realist: making a game that won't succeed will not give me money to pay the bills and actually eat something. The economy in Finland is getting quite a bitch and a student can barely afford the necessary things.

Basically I feel like this is going to be a waste of time to create a game with such outdated methods, outdated tools and even such an outdated game. The time I use to make this game could be used to learn how to make better games, how to use the latest tools and latest methods and maybe even ending up creating something I could dare to ask money for.

But then there's the fact I'm extremely stubborn. I've started something this big and I've gotten so far doing it, and I'm actually pretty proud of the story, though I know it's nothing good. Not only the story, I'm proud that I've gotten this far and it's all actually playable. It's just gotten so big that it's not starting to be worth it.

This isn't saying that I'm quiting the project. But I'm glad that no one really cares about all this, at least no one will be disappointed if I end up saying it's cancelled.

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