tiistai 25. maaliskuuta 2014

New room editor

There was a time when I created rooms in this project completely by hand and guessing which are the best coordinates for each object. Then a fellow student told me I should create an editor, seeing as my way was more difficult than necessary.

So I created a very simple editor, which made creating the rooms a lot faster. I could add items by inputting the filepath for the image and then drag, copy and delete the items in that room. However, it was very simple and I've always though how it could be better. Even so, I never thought about making it better, since I managed with the current version.

Umm... yeah...
Now, years after the first version, I was told how poor it is by a fellow student that watched me working, which again, gave me the idea to ease my work.
So now I'm working on new roomeditor for this game, and hopefully this will make creating the rooms even faster.

Previous interface had no buttons, all commands are done from the keyboard and each object is added to the room by giving a filepath to the image or by copying the object. More detailed editting of the objects has to be done from the notepad file it aaves the objects in.

My goal is to easen all of these things, not needing to open notepad file for modifications, adding graphical options for commands and making it overall just comfortable to use.

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