torstai 27. maaliskuuta 2014

Room editor 2.0

So from this...

To this...


The biggest improvement here is that I don't have to visit the notepad file (where all the objects are saved) to make more detailed modifications to positions, id's, types etc. I also added grid option, which size can be controlled from the keyboard, so aligning the objects is very easy. Then there's detailed editing, which means I can modify the details of specific object from here. Also when moving objects it shows the coordinates at the same time, along with the depth of that object is at. This depth can also be changed from keyboard.

Then another nice thing is that I can hide all items of specific type if I want to and then later bring them back. So if I have a ceiling done, it will obviously come in my way when adding walls. Those ceilings are first in the stack of objects, so when I click it will grab them first. The depth feature does give me a way around this but hiding the objects is handy too.

One thing I could've done but I felt like it wasn't that necessary, was some sort of history or favorites menu where my favorite objects or recently used objects are listed. The thing is though, I already have a copy option and that's basically the same thing.

I also couldn't do any easy way to insert new objects as well. SDL doesn't support any graphical file open functions so to have the usual way of "opening a file" (for example... in any software there is), I'd have to do something like that myself or I'd have to switch to some other environment.

I'm happy with this editor though. The actual speed advantage is fairly small but I'm liking how everything's more clear and easier to use. Especially the detailed modifying is nice.

I think anyone could now potentially create rooms for this game, provided I give some guidance and obviously the graphics. That wouldn't save me any time though (unless the person was working during night when I sleep) and I'm not interested in hiring anyone (seeing as I'm poor) so maybe not.

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