tiistai 13. toukokuuta 2014

Special system changes

For a long time I've had a big problem with the special system. This is the "super attack", or "Limit Break" if you will, of the game, which can be executed in certain conditions during battle. The problem I've had with this, is that it requires little to no interaction from the player.

As of now the story unlocks new specials for the player and player has to only choose which to use, which is usually the strongest one and then execute it during the battle.

In my new plan specials are just like ordinary attacks: they are purchased and they can be upgraded. None of them are unlocked in the story and I think I'll do some side missions to unlock upgrades etc for specials as well.

Only one thing remains: player will still choose just the strongest special. This is something very hard to solve, because the only reason player would have to switch between different specials instead of choosing the one with highest power, is that certain specials work differently on different enemies. This would be, for example, giving element attributes to each special. The problem however is that then I would have to do a hundread more special attacks and those are very slow to make. So because of that, I'm against giving the specials any other attributes than power.

I could of course make the amplifier system work on specials too, but that would create some "no sense" moments. The specials are already namewise attached to a certain element so giving the option to change that would just look silly.

Then there is, of course, the option to just giving that certain element to a special and just not allow changing it. Then the player would have to decide what players exactly to use since choosing the special matters a little as well. Granted, this is a good idea, but it becomes a problem in battles where you can't choose who you'll play as and there are many of those. Then there's also the fact that two character specials involve usually two elements so choosing a single dominant element would be tough. This could be easily solved though.

However, even with that change the original problem would remain: player would choose just the strongest attack. So as a compromise, I'll try to make this at least somehow automatic.

And even with this new change, I'd have to go and make changes in shops. So it's not such a simple improvement anyway.

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